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Sometimes in our pursuit to please others or to maintain their approval of us we miss or ignore what’s truly important, and that’s us. Sometimes the ability to say “no” is all we truly need as people, the ability to love ourselves and treasure who we are as people and not what we are, just social constructs created by people to build us up only to bring us down, it’s not selfish to want to put yourself first in some circumstances… it doesn’t make you any less of a person. We all sadly need wake up calls and we need to find our identity as individuals just so we can be more stable. Because not to sound too dramatic I do believe that no man can be an island on his or her own. However the one fact of life is that the one person, you will ultimately spend the rest of your life is you and if you aren’t happy with you then there is a huge problem. People remember to take care of yourselves as well.


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Have you ever been at a point where you think you aren’t meant to be happy? Well I think that analysis is somewhat sketchy in a way, we all experience happiness, no matter how brief we all experience it at some point in our lives. See the question I think we should all be asking ourselves is whether we’ll have joy in our lives because happiness and joy whether they sound similar they aren’t. The one is a choice and can be manufactured by human means while the other is a lifestyle and cannot be made but earned. It’s the definition of peace to some. This is being able to stand firm even in the face of danger or any obstacle that threatens one’s spiritual standing. I think I’d rather have joy in my life because there are plenty idiotic people out there doing lots of funny things for me to not be happy

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