Who thought that life can have so many lessons for us, one thing I came to realise and this only comes with experience is that everyone in our lives is there to teach us a lesson and that lesson will be the thing that either saves you or breaks you. The people, who we dislike, make us angry or tearful are the people that test us make us better and stronger. Failed relationships hurt and they leave bruises and scars that might not heal for a while and in the time while its healing the situation still hurts and drives to extreme emotional pains but at the end of the day when it’s healed you know what not to do and what to do if you have appraised the situation correctly and holding grudges is not the correct way as it harbours the effects and does not allow you to move forward. All this coupled with re-exposure will just cause anxiety within yourself and not the person who moved on. All the people that I’ve lost due to misunderstandings and broken hearts I think it’s time to move on but as for the above. I know you need him to make you stronger because all I’ll do is protect you and you won’t learn to fly on your own but the thunder storms in the sky will knock you down at times but I’ll be on the ground to catch you when that happens. Best way I can express love to you right now is this… because love as a primary expression needs to go through mercy.

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